Enemy Planet

                                                   The world beneath the world


I knew the girl from shadow. When our world woven awakes we see our perfection, perfection in numbers together we are. You melt the snow of my distant world and at the edge of dawn i sit. To dream of you. Alone you are. So beautiful.

Creeping sleep like vines awake, radiant roses. Disease an ocean so perfect. From cold and concrete flash burning pixies with heart of words. Trap me in myself. So slow. Now broken. To be eternal. Not the reasons, not the reasons. Sleep.



 True peace found its way from the sun through my window. Ancient words in the rainbow call me from shadow, set alight my life. Cold night opens its eyes the stars blink awake. empty streets. Hello to the sunshine army, loyal listeners of Enemy Planet. Its late into the night and i'm awake online feeling small. Wondering through the internet. I can see into your lives. You are here, watching the moon, your headphones playing sad music.



Its another day, I'm here orbitng random planets in my spaceship the Sacrificial. This morning on planet Treebo I watched a star crash onto its surface, the planet burned and then went about setting other planets on fire as it crashed into them. Got me thinking about the inner workings of the universe, if reality works like a bubble alternate dimensions may exsist in a universe where seemingly impossible things are possible. A planet may not abide by the 'laws of physics' if that reality doesn't cross along it. Dimension bubbles. Still trying to find Jesus, I had a tip that he was playing chess on a frozen ocean on planet Hoth, but turned out it was just some hippie.

Lets see what's on UNIVERSAL TV©

Hmm channel 1 is playing videos of sunsets from different planets sped up to the music of Aerosmith. Channel 2 has a documentary about the falling popularity of documentaries. 3 Is a pirated live feed of the insides of various intergalactic parliments, apparently Planet ZED are planning to outlaw rewind buttons on remote controls, as 'life is too short'.

Ultimate control on planet Earth. 3% of the population controls 97% percent of the wealth. The corporations are led by people. At first at least. That much money and power dissovles humanity, being the main target of everything, every possible attack (as all people want is money) access to all information, especially the hidden stuff, has turned them into what could not be called human. Hence the evil actions, so far from human, are so easy to do. There is no humanity in power. So pulls your eyes from the television and look into each other.




It's a bizzare universe. Little lights blinking on earth travelled almost eternally to planet Enemy, where a distant race of dreamers reliased that they were not alone. And decided to make contact. Now theres a certain frequency, 96.9fm that planet Enemy broadcasts to, in an attempt to close the gap and weave both our worlds into one. The revolution is here. So feel free to dream along in this new world. And let us take you from your quiet slumber and illuminate the blinking lights.




 Hello. Its a few hours before the show, and I thought i'd update the site. So yea, found a meditation chamber hidden in a virtual reality game on the rainbow chain moons of planet Vo. So i spent my morning in there, planet watching. Its really interesting watching planets turning from a distance. You can also activate the math grid, showing the angles of rotation and spacial dimentions. I could have spent eternity in there, but I couldn't I was busy abducting my guest for the show.

 This is his band BLOOD MONEY and their first badass single, SKIN YOU ALIVE.



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